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About Us

After I graduated from my doctoral program I suddenly had more time on my hands. At first, I crashed and did absolutely nothing for about a month. 

I then went to work figuring out how to get my work in front of an audience. My work is research focused on gifted education. I became impatient with the process. I needed an outlet that would allow me to get instant gratification. I wanted to create a project and make it immediately available when I want to.

I decided to start a podcast to talk about my experiences growing up, my research, and current events. Through this process, I quickly figured out how to create an instrumental introduction for my podcast. I then made a full length instrumental for fun. I realized I enjoyed the process because I love music and I love creating, it's so cathartic for me. I have made several more tracks. For every track I create I know there are people who will either enjoy the music as is and want to stream it as I do or who could use my arrangements with their songs or spoken word lyrics.

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